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We use choice theory to generate more precise and affordable college lists for high school students


Currently, college search looks like this:

Private but pricey

Parents can hire individual college counselors to support their students through the entire college search process. These counselors are effective, but expensive, and can cost thousands of dollars that most families don’t necessarily have to spend on this kind of service.


Free college search platforms use algorithms to support student search. While they can help narrow down your options from thousands to merely hundreds of schools, they provide limited personalization. Also, because they’re “free” to use, these platforms make money by selling your data to any college that’s willing to pay.

Old school books

Parents and students can still buy a number of college rankings lists and books to get a feel for different schools. However, these books do not provide a personalized experience for students, don’t help build relationships with schools, often must be paired with additional research, and can still be relatively costly.


We do things differently

“A lot of the kids in my class had so much trouble figuring out where to go, they only applied locally” – Sarah W, Colorado Springs (future University of Michigan student).

Tell us what you’re looking for:

Upon registration, we will promptly provide you with a link to our student form. This form will allow you to convey your initial preferences regarding your college experience. Please be assured that we take your privacy seriously, and therefore will not disclose or sell any of your personal information or responses to external parties. This measure is put in place to ensure the protection of your identity and safeguard against unsolicited communication.

Hone your list by talking to one of our experts:

Have a conversation with one of our college search experts, who will take your student form responses and ask clarifying questions to make sure we completely understand your priorities and needs. The purpose here is to make sure we’re able to provide personalized matches for your search.

Sit back, and let our proprietary process guide your search:

Using the info gleaned from the form and phone call, we put together a custom Top 10 college list for you that fits your needs. Our process focuses on student inputs and utilizes mapping data, university net price data, a composite university ranking process weighted towards maximizing your ROI, and other university admissions information to put together your list. If we miss the mark, you can ask for a revision!


Ashley Williams

University of Iowa

I am the Graduate Research Assistant for a Refugee Mental Health project called PM+. I am also a GRA for a project working to understand the unique needs of Black and Latino caregivers to those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Lastly, I am a GRA for a project focused on understanding cancer rates amongst Black people living in Waterloo, Iowa. 

Stella Wilson

University of Alabama
I study aquatic ecosystems at the interface of terrestrial and aquatic interactions in the Department of Biological Sciences. I am currently in the Shogren stream science lab studying BioGeoChemistry of freshwater systems in the state of Alabama.

Alex Kimbrough

Tulane University

I’m studying epidemiology, the study of disease distribution among human populations. My specific interest is infectious diseases (in particular HIV), and how they interact with cardiovascular health in our Black communities.


University of Alabama


Many biological disciplines are represented in this department, including ecology, cellular and molecular biology, systematics, marine science, microbiology and more. However, most of us use diverse approaches to our research, and our individual expertise may span several areas of biology. Most of us collaborate extensively on research with colleagues in the department and around the globe.

Texas A&M University

Toxicology, Genetics and Genomics

Toxicology, genetics and genomics research and training at Texas A&M has been recognized as a distinct discipline since the ’70s when the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved an MS and PhD program in toxicology. The Program in Genetics is the main interdisciplinary PhD program in the Natural Sciences at Texas A&M University and offers research opportunities in a diverse range of specialties.

Tulane University

Population Health & Epidemiology

The Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has been a leader in the field of public health for more than 100 years.We have a strong focus on cardiovascular disease, health disparities, reproductive health, and disaster response and displacement, along with growing strengths in genomics, epigenetics, and other areas pursuing health at a very personalized level.


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